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Graham Hill, Richard Rumble, Robin Allen, John Gallop & Ian Funnell
Friday 20 April 2018

The UK’s energy development plans are at a crucial stage. An expensive nuclear power station at Hinckley Point is under way, but the design has yet to be successfully completed elsewhere. A date has been set to replace petrol/diesel cars by electric vehicles. The usage of ‘green energy’, primarily wind and solar PV, is increasing rapidly but we need to develop adequate storage facilities to make full use of its potential.

The national grid will require extensive restructuring as we move away from a few large power stations to widely distributed solar and wind power generation. Our oil and gas reserves are almost depleted. An alternative source, onshore hydraulic fracturing, ‘fracking’, that revolutionised the US energy market is under development in the UK. Public protest such as at Leith Hill shows that it is contentious.

Nuclear fusion, shown to be feasible by JET, is a truly ‘green’ energy source. In France ITER, twice the size of JET, is years behind schedule and well over budget. Today we have experts on hydraulic fracturing. fusion power, energy storage, and the national grid to outline the main areas of development and set the scene for discussion on the future of energy generation in the UK.

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