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June 2017 Announcements
Wednesday 07 June 2017


 Bookham & District U3A

June 2017 Newsletter


Announcements Made at the June Meeting

First time attendees
Lynn welcomed seven members who were attending the monthly meeting for the first time - Mike Derriman, Karen and Peter Jackson, Jean Taylor and Christine and Michael Pearce. In addition she welcomed two visitors, Christine Crouch and Derek Brereton.

Fire Exits
Lynn reminded members of the location of the fire exits, and also stressed the need for members to be recorded on the attendance forms on arrival. In the event of a fire these lists will help the fire services to establish whether all members have been accounted for.

Social Events
Lynn thanked  Jan Dicker for an excellent Dine and Divas evening, thoroughly enjoyed by one hundred members, many of whom found themselves taking part in the entertainment! Photographs later in this mail! 

The next social event will be a shuffleboard evening on October 25th, which proved very popular when held a couple of years ago.


Village Day
Don't forget to visit our stall in the Harrison Room. The theme for Village Day is Space and the Science and Technology 1 group have produced an excellent PowerPoint presentation which will be on show during the day.

Lynn wished the U3A team quiz night good luck but reminded them not to win or come last!

Membership Renewals
These can be done at next month’s meeting. The forms will be inside the Senior Moments envelope available at the July meeting or can be downloaded from the website by clicking here.

Regional U3A events
A number of Surrey, South East Region and National events 
Visit our U3A website for details of regional U3A events being organised.


Surrey Network and South East Forum
The  upcoming events are posted on the notice boards each month and are  always covered at the end of this email and also provide links to the appropriate booking forms. For those without internet access, or indeed a printer, Anne Glynn usually has a number of booking forms.

Brighton Pavilion 19th July, cost £27.50. There are spaces still available.

Rochester-this is full with a waiting list.

Anne Glyn has receipts for people who put money through her door-please collect.

The pick up point for outings will be Lower Shott only in case there are problems with the coach being held up.

Edward Morgan-Warren is looking into an outing to Brooklands museum, which is being refurbished at present. The date will probably be the 17th or 19th October.

Anne made a plea for more people to volunteer to organise on outing-she will sort out the coach and collecting the money.

Group Vacancies
A number of sign-up sheets were displayed on the notice boards. Two are now definitely going ahead, London Walking and Science & Technology 3.

Knitting/ Needlecraft Group       (new group)                            
Tai Chi 2      (vacancies)
Travel Experiences      (new group)
A second Gardening Group (new group)
Poetry (new group)
Suggestions for any other group activity not already catered for.

Please contact the Groups' Coordinator, Mike Farrell,  if you wish to add your name to any of these sheets

Village Week Quiz 
Thanks to those who responded to the email plea last week - we now have a complete team.

Calendar 2018
For the first time, Maurice Baker will be producing two versions of  the 2018 calendar. The images are paintings produced by members of the Painting Workshop group and having seen these myself I can confirm that they make a very attractive calendar. A sign up sheet was available to order one or other of these calendars. Contact Maurice (01372 372147) if you have not added your name to the list.

Penny Readings
A very early notice that the date for Penny Readings presented by the Creative Writing Group as part of the Mole Valley's Arts Alive Festival will this year be Tuesday 10th Oct at Leatherhead Theatre. More details of the festival can be found here.

Next Meeting
The date of the next meeting is July 4th.

Bookham Open Gardens - June 18th
This year Judith and Peter Witter are opening their garden as part of the National Gardens initiative and they would welcome visits by U3A members. Details of the national scheme can be found here and more detail of the Bookham arrangements can be found on the BCA website here. 

Group News

This has been covered in the Chairman's announcements, but group leaders are free to provide me with text to advertise their activities or look for new members. 


The June speaker was  Andrew Hanson. His subject was measurement, and in particular the measurement of colour. He is a scientist at the National Physical Laboratory, the home of U.K’s national standards, which is 120 years old and the third largest such body in the world.  After giving us a countdown of the top ten things to measure (an eclectic collection - number 8 is the cauliflower, number 6 the closest shave and number 3 the shininess of cats), he went on to explore the reasons colours are measured and the wonders of the spectrum and the human eye. Several demonstrations of optical illusions and delusions left us amazed and most people left the hall afterwards looking at the world in a new light. 

July speaker is Allan Chub.  Allen studied the History of Art and has been speaking at Petworth House for several years where he is a volunteer.  He will be talking to us about Turner and Impressionism, a presentation that has been well received at Petworth House.




National U3A events
Events organised at national level can be found on the U3A website by clicking here. Please be aware that these events are usually fully booked soon after announcement so it pays to  register on the U3A website and you will then receive emails directly when events are announced. You will, of course, need to register before you can access all of the content.

Please note that the following are special events arranged for U3A groups, but are not currently being offered by Bookham & District U3A. If we can find a potential leader/coordinator for any of these then we can establish the likely demand for places. Strong and stable leadership is the first requirement!

The Royal Air Force Museum in London is running an exhibition
'First World War in the Air’ on various dates during 2017. It caters for groups between 15 and 25 at £10 per head. A flyer can be found here. All we need is a leader.......

Globe Theatre offer U3A members to discover the playhouses for which Shakespeare’s most famous plays were written in the heart of London’s Bankside. Again, it is a group visit and will need a leader to coordinate the visit. More details here.

John Dicker arranged a popular visit to the WWT at Barnes last year. The WWT are again offering a range of dates and locations for U3A group visits. More details can be found here. Again, a leader is required.

Finally, a chance to visit Brooklands  Museum, Again, it's a special U3A group booking and more details can be found  here. This is being investigated by Edmund Morgan-Warren.




Surrey Network Study Days

The information below is taken from the Surrey U3A Network website which can be accessed by clicking here.  Reproduced below is information on the various study days for which booking is open. The website has more details on conferences and summer schools as well as an outline of events and study days running through 2017.

Friday  June 16th 2017 Einstein 101 & His Continuing Legacy, presented by Roger Luther.
An elementary introduction to Einstein’s contributions to modern physics, together with a brief look at the life of the man himself.  On the 101st year since he published his theory of General Relativity - spectacularly confirmed in Feb 2016 with the discovery of gravitational waves - we will look at the entire range of work of this iconic scientist.  No previous knowledge of maths or science is required!  
More information and a booking form can be found

Friday September 15th All Change!, Avant-Garde Art in First Half of Twentieth Century presented by Barrie Garnham. Traditionally art has reflected the culture of which it is part, but in the Modern Period, art movements have sought to change that culture. This study day will look at four movements which have attempted to change radically both the world itself and our way of thinking about it.
More information and a booking form can be found

Friday October 20th - a double bill  Plagues & Pestilence : Past & Present presented by  Dr Tim Mason and Forensic Science & the Sherlock Holmes Stories  presented by Dr Carrie Paris. 
More information and a booking form can be found

Friday November 17th Military History Through the Ages presented by U3A members – Mike Fox, Pete Starling, June Davey & David Williams. This four-part review of military history will be covering actions of famous military leaders, development of Military Medical Services and the consequences of wars socially in Surrey. The final speaker will outline developments from the times of Catherine the Great to the present day. All speakers have significant experience in their fields.  
More information and a booking form can be found

South East U3A Forum
The South East Forum Summer School will be held at the University of Chichester from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 June 2017. Full information is available by clicking the following links and the course fees are lower than in 2016. The summer school poster has the list of courses, the synopsis of all eleven courses will enable you to choose a course and the booking form has prices and notes about the accommodation and booking process.

The Annual Conference on the theme Learn, Laugh and Live! will be held at the Meridian Hall, East Grinstead on May3rd. The keynote speakers are Sam Mauger, the new CEO of the Third Age Trust, and Marianne Talbot from Oxford University talking on "Is moral truth relative or absolute?"

More details can be found on the South East Forum website by clicking


'Dine & Divas' images from social evening starring Opera d'amici, Linda Heath, David Hyde, Lynda Tomlinson and many other U3A members! Photographs by Mike Farrell, to whom all complaints should be sent!