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October 2018 Announcements
Thursday 04 October 2018

Bookham & District Newsletter October 2018

Bookham & District U3A

October 2018 Newsletter

Firstly, an apology to all members who have a Yahoo or AOL email address. A problem occurred last month, somewhere in the ether, that prevented about 70 emails being received. This was outside our control, and was corrected in a couple of days. Hopefully there will be no problems this month!

The chairman, Lynn Farrell opened the 2018 Annual General Meeting in traditional style, welcoming one visitor, Jean Strong, and reminding members of the location of the fire exits. There were many apologies, too many for me to keep track of. The minutes of the 2017 AGM were approved without any changes and there were no questions arising.

Lynn then reminded members that she was standing down after two very busy years as chairman. She described her term as fun but very challenging!
She outlined the tasks that had been undertaken during her period as chairman including:

  • The change to the constitution, approved at an EGM, required as a result of discussions between the Third Age Trust, the Charity Commission and HMRC
  • Restructuring of the accounts that are submitted to the Charity Commission annually and related changes our procedures to enable this to happen
  • Changes to procedures and forms to conform to GDPR
  • Consideration of issues arising from assisting members in care homes to participate, to some degree,  in U3A activities
  • New guidelines for the management of outings
  • The planning for replacement of the current website and membership systems with a single, more flexible, integrated system
  • Planning for the 25th anniversary celebrations

As Lynn remarked, a very busy period! 

She noted that the membership is now around 570 with 82 active groups, but regretted that no coordinator had been found for a proposed 'Out & About' group even though a large number of members wanted to join such a group.

She also reported that a number of successful visits had been made, organised by a number of members, and expressed the hope that more members would be prepared to organise further trips in the future. Help is available to plan the trip if you have the idea!

Lynn thanked a range of members for their contributions:

  • Groups administrators
  • 'Tea Ladies', Diana Jackson and Margaret New
  •  Pauline Bluck on registration
  • Angie Squires for her work on distribution of Senior Moments
  • Anne Glyn for her work on outings
  • Jan Dicker for organising the social events
  • Irene Gawne for her role in auditing the accounts
  • And finally the committee!

Chris Pullen gave a short overview of the accounts, which are available on the website. We have healthy reserves, but are just about breaking even on income and expenditure.

The meeting then voted on membership of the committee for 2018/19. In summary, the only changes are that Roger Mendham is the new chairman, Chris Middleton has been appointed as deputy chairman and Harold Reglar, having stood down as Webmaster last year, has once again been formally appointed in that role.

Lynn then closed the AGM.

Roger, as incoming chairman, thanked Lynn for her hard work as chairman and presented her with flowers on behalf of the committee and indeed, the whole membership.
He also thanked Jan Meyer for the wonderful cake she made to celebrate the 25th anniversary - I was sorry we had to leave before trying a slice!

Roger made a few other announcements:

  • Alma Nichols is the contact for a bridge event on January 9th
  • U3A diaries are available at £3 each, or five at £2.50!
  • Maurice Baker is producing two calendars, featuring work by the art group, priced at £6 each

Roger then said how pleased he was to be able to serve, for the next two years, as the chairman  of a U3A as vibrant as Bookham U3A. Taking out two holiday months, he noted that there were 22 months of his period in office and that he planned to visit one group every month. Therefore, if you would like to show off your group, please contact him quickly!
Finally, he reminded members of the 25th anniversary events on 24th October. In the afternoon, from 1pm until 4pm there is a showcase of groups in the Barn Hall. Come and see what other groups are doing and have a cup of tea and slice of cake. In the evening (7pm for 7.30pm) there is a dinner with entertainment. However, all 120 tickets have been sold.

Roger then introduced the speaker, Jacqueline Aviolet. whose talk was titled 'I am a violet, what are you'. She firstly talked briefly about her interest in plants, including hardy geraniums, asters and budlias and then explained how her Huguenot name 'Aviolet' had caused her to take an interest in plants that included peoples names. She then took the names of members at the front of the room to highlight the plants that included the relevant name. To my surprise,  there were very few names, if any, that did not feature in at least one plant. An amusing speaker, she mixed some humour with a detailed knowledge of plants and their preferred growing environments.

Next Month's meeting is on November 6th when the speaker will be Barry Feltham with a talk titled 'The Apollo Programme – landing a man on the moon'. Barry’s talk covers the background to the Apollo programme, including the decision to go to the Moon, the space race and the incredible logistics involved.    


Surrey Network Study Days

The Surrey U3A Network site (click here) has dates and titles of study dayes up to May 2020, but details only for the next two months, details of which are reproduced below. However, If you link to the Network site the home page features an event that celebrated 100 study days and featured a cake made by one of our members, Pippa Carter.

Speakers: Bekah Duncalfe, Rebecca Hitch & Ursula Steiger  With the Canterbury U3A Singing for Pleasure Choir
The innate qualities of music can be used to facilitate emotional well-being and communication. This can enhance self-awareness and the awareness of others, improve attention and concentration, promote communication and improve self-confidence and independence. The first two speakers work with people with brain injury, dementia and autism.  Ursula Steiger has been running an interest group on singing at Canterbury U3A for ten years and appreciates the health benefits of singing as well as the sheer pleasure of being involved.  She is aware of the work of the Canterbury Christchurch University research group on singing and health and gives talks on this subject herself.  In her second session Ursula will be accompanied by the Canterbury U3A choir; she is bringing with her a coach-load of her 120-strong choir.

More details and a booking form can be found here.

Friday 16th November - LANDSCAPE, SOCIETY & AGRICULTURE How our Food Systems are Shaping the UK
Speaker:  Dr Richard Baines, Royal Agricultural University and Independent Consultant
Waves of early human migration occupied the UK as hunter gatherer societies that were at the mercy of the environments they found here including the last Ice Age.  It was not until some 8,000 – 10,000 years ago that early humans discovered agriculture, while in the UK, agriculture has been shaping our landscape and societies for the last 3,500 years.  Finally, in 2007 the United Nations declared that more people now live in urban areas than in rural areas; however, food is mainly produced in rural areas which leads us to ask how will our landscapes and societies be influenced by urbanisation?
Today we will explore the links between landscapes, society and agriculture in the UK from the start of agriculture to the present day before considering the potential implications of Brexit, Globalisation and Local Food Systems on our society
More details and a booking form can be found



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