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06 November 2018The Apollo Programme – landing a man on the moon
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06 February 2018The Central Royal Parks
31 January 2018Group Leaders Meeting

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The Apollo Programme – landing a man on the moon
Barry Feltham
06/11/2018 Tuesday

Our November 2018 speaker is Barry Feltham and histalk is entitled “The Apollo Programme – landing a man on the moon”.

Barry describes the background to the space race and the preparations for landing a man on the moon. He includes photos, stamps and pieces of the actual spacecraft.

Barry’s background has been in sales and management for many years, eventually ending up as MD of an American company in the UK, which led him onto Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). For the past 20 years he has had his own company based  in Cobham dealing with M&A in the office sector, mainly Managed Print services,  IT and Telephony.

His interest in Apollo and indeed Astronomy has always been a hobby, as he has been fascinated by the subject from an early age. He is also Hon. Secretary of Bookham Stamp Club which helps to compliment hisAstronomy and Apollo, as there are many stamps on the subject. He also has an interest in Bookham by way of a huge collection of Bookham Postcards and ephemera that he is in the process of writing up for presentation purposes.