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The History of Egypt in 12 Objects
Janet Diamond
07/03/2017 Tuesday

Janet Diamond gives presentations on Egyptology. With the talks she endeavours to put together various pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – of what is the longest lasting empire in history-into a simple and enjoyable format – “Egyptology made easy” as it were.

Her fascination with Egypt arose from living in the country. In the early 1980’s she went to live in Cairo with her husband and young son. It was not an easy time to be there, Egypt having experienced many changes and disruptions during its recent history.

Soon after arriving in Cairo she visited the ancient Royal Necropolois of Saqqara. Knowing nothing about the land and its long lasting history, she found that the beauty, enormity and complexity of the monuments struck her as they could never have done simply from reading. She was overwhelmed, awe struck – and hooked!

She is not an Egyptologist; however she does have a diploma in Egyptology and a passion for the history, art and landscape of Egypt.