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Social History of the English Language
Carole Maddern
04/04/2017 Tuesday

The development of the English language as a product of centuries of invasions and cultural revolution.

Dr Carole Maddern is a full-time lecturer in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. She has taught here for over twenty years, specializing in Old English and Literature of the Later Middle Ages. Gender and medieval romance are her main areas of specialization and research. During her career she has taught at several different colleges of London University as well as numerous adult education institutes.

Pedagogy is a passion; in particular the fields of active learning and distance learning are key areas of interest for her. She currently convenes Practical Academic Skills and Strategies (PASS) and Effective Academic Writing tutorial support for ECL students. She has recently been appointed as Deputy Programme Director for the University of London’s International Programme in English, for which Goldsmiths is the Lead College.

For U3A groups, she has developed a talk which covers the development of the English language, as a product of centuries of invasions and cultural revolutions, with a little 'local' history thrown in. I started this as a favour for my mother-in-law (her U3A group is in Hailsham) and it proved very popular!